Who we are

French manufacturer of bio-energy microcentrals using the pyrogazeification process, NAODEN (created in 2015) based in Nantes, designs and manufactures its power plants in the west of France.

These power plants allow the local recovery of solid biomass waste such as pallets, pruning wood, upholstery wood, hull fruit residues, etc. in electricity and/or heat.

They are intended to supply, for example, swimming pools, EHPADs, waste platforms, communal buildings and industrial buildings.

Our values

At Naoden, we believe that the energy transition is not just about offering another energy. No, energy must become collaborative and positive in the sense that everyone must be an agent of change. We want our customers to own the project and with them we want to work to boost the local economy by structuring a supply chain for the biomass resource.

The energy and ecological transition is a key factor in the development of collaborative consumption.