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When Paulus Nettelnstroth founded the NESTRO® industrial air ventilation company in 1977, he never dreamed that his company would be among the largest three system specialists for extraction and filtering in Europe one day. He certainly hadn't also anticipated meeting the demand for innovative solutions - engineering "Made in Germany" - in the field of heating, surface processing and sorting and waste equipment with his team and having such fabulous success in the coming century. Today, more than 300 employees work at headquarters in Schkölen, at the technology center in Röllbach (both in Germany), in the three European manufacturing sites as well as in the most important international markets in order to ensure the sustainable growth of the NESTRO® corporation. We want to continue to stay focussed on our core business and to provide customers in the very many different industries with innovative system solutions tailoured to their needs.
NESTRO®'s recipe for success is: We think in systems and act for our customers. What problem could you solve with air pressure and filtering, which processes could you improve? How can you recycle the materials filtered from the raw gas? How can you use the pure gas from the filtering (particle proportion < 1mg/m3) in a practical way? How can the equipment be energy-optimised for your requirements and your manufacturing floor and what smart controls could help you in doing so? How can you achieve the highest possible safety, even during constant operation? With us, you get everything from one source and optimally geared to each other.

Our values

Mission Statement
Responsibility, Experience & Commitment

1. Basic values underpinning our work
The work at NESTRO is rooted in previous insights that we have gained in commercial, technical and practical terms. This basic knowledge is the basis on which we treat each other, our customers and our suppliers. We strive to keep these roots of our work and our commitment alive.

2. Customer-oriented approach
The customer stands at the centre of our work. We want to gain their trust and give them a feeling of security and well-being.

3. Interaction among employees
For us as employees the interaction with each other is a high priority. It is characterised by mutual respect and appreciation.

4. Cooperation and collaboration
We are aware that all employees, professional groups and departments jointly participate in the success of NESTRO. Therefore, cooperation, founded on mutual trust, is a fundamental precondition for successful and effective work for us.

5. Communication and information
At NESTRO we consider effective communication and information as an important prerequisite for trustworthy, purposeful cooperation and leadership.

6. Leadership
Leadership is necessary to shape the future of NESTRO. We opt for a cooperative management style at all levels, to jointly reach our professional and personal objectives.

7. Quality and effectiveness
We are committed to top quality in our work at NESTRO. We therefore specifically check the quality and effectiveness of our work, and strive to achieve ongoing improvement.

8. Public image
NESTRO is a company with various external relations and diverse commercial partners. Part of our success lies in the active shaping of these relations. We want to gain trust as a reliable partner and let our actions be the driving force behind this trust. The following objectives have been set:
1. We maintain a high level of expertise in house and continue to expand on it.
2. We practise employee orientation.
3. We follow the basic economic principles.
4. We maintain the unique atmosphere of NESTRO.
5. We live respectful interaction.

Our customer management is at the disposal of all our customers and trading partners. It provides advice in all matters regarding NESTRO products, installations and service. It controls the planning of the dispatch, collection, assembly and service operations.

January 2013