Who we are

With its unique CALIPRI® principle, NEXTSENSE is a world leader in mobile profile measurement and surface inspection, especially in the fields of wear measurement of train & rail, gap and flush measurement in the automotive industry and in the measurement of hot metal profiles. Its customers include all major railway companies, numerous well-known international automobile manufacturers and major steel producers, including Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, China Railways, Daimler, JLR, Audi, BMW, voestalpine and ArcelorMittal. NEXTSENSE was founded in 2007 as a spin-off of the Austrian research company Joanneum Research. With 90 employees, over 40 sales partners one sales & service center in Atlanta (US), the high-tech company is represented all over the world. Since May 2018 Nextsense is part of Hexagon AB, a leading global provider of information technologies.

Our values

All solutions are based on a non-contact measurement technology which captures unbiased measurement data removing all outside variables based on differences between operators or environmental conditions.