Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd

Who we are

BSTFLEX Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd is a company in the leading position of high temperature protection material production. We integrate the R & D, manufacture and sales of heat protection products in China. Our products feature high temperature resistance. These high quality products are backed up by 20 years of high temperature protection material research. At present, we are always moving forward.

Our corporate philosophy is Committed to Developing New Products and Promoting Higher Quality Standards. Ambitious goals and a sound organizational structure make us create high-performance products to satisfy markets.

Our achievements in scientific research satisfy the special needs of different customers and can provide multi-faceted solutions.

BSTFLEX indeed an expert in high temperature protection field.

BSTFLEX adhere to Develop by Credit, Win Market by Quality, relying on our good management, technical strength and equipment designed by engineers. We develop different materials products, which is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, power, engineering machinery, metallurgy, shipbuilding, aviation, mining, vehicles and other industries.

BSTFLEX has 8 kinds heat protection products, sleeves, tapes, tadpole tapes, ropes, fabric, felt, removable insulation blanket and automotive heat protection products. Mainly products are fire sleeve, heat reflective sleeve, exhaust wrap, turbo blanket, aluminum heat protection tube, basalt sleeve, braided fiberglass sleeve, fiberglass tape, removable insulation blanket, high temperature resistant fabric, heat resistant tape and so on. Especially our exclusive products - fire sleeves, are widely used in aviation. At present our products are mainly exported to France, Brazil, Australia, the United States, Japan, Germany and other countries and also widely used in many domestic areas.

As an expert specialized in high temperature protection products, we are committed to solving any problem of high temperature protection for users.

Our values

What is BSTFLEX products uses?

BSTFLEX products used to resistant high temperature, flame, fire, molten splash, weld splatter, grinding,electrical sparks, infrared radiant heat, UV, contamination, abrasion etc.

Providing superior protection for hydraulic hoses & lines, cables & wires, equipment & personnel.

What is raw materials?

Fiberglass -- Ceramic Fiber -- Silica Fiber -- Stainless Steel -- Aramid Fiber -- Basalt Fiber -- Silicone Rubber

What is the coating material?

Vermiculite -- Silicone -- Aluminized -- PTFE -- PU -- PVC -- Acrylic -- High Temperature PSA ( adhesive backed)

What is the finished products?

Sleeves -- Tapes -- Ropes -- Ropes -- Fabric -- Custom Fabricated Removable Insulation Blankets -- Clothes -- Welding Blankets -- Gloves