Nitto Kohki Europe

Who we are

Nitto Kohki is a world-renowned Japanese designer and manufacturer of high-tech components, tools and machines.

Our products include pumping systems with a wide range of applications e.g. in medical equipment, waste water treatment systems, and many other applications. Moreover electric, hydraulic and pneumatic power tools for use in industrial environments such as grinders and needle scalers and couplings for use in industrial, medical, biotechnology, nuclear, semiconductor and computer fields.

Our values

Nitto Kohki, guided by the core corporate philosophy that “Development provides corporate insurance,” has expanded its business activities on the strength of original technology for over half a century. By “development,” we refer not only to the realms of technology and products, but also to marketing, human resource cultivation and other areas of key innovation. Committed to a caliber of management with such originality at the core, we will continue to seek redoubled growth and progress for our business development over the years to come as well. Nitto Kohki prides itself as a manufacturer that is fully devoted to the pursuit of fine craftsmanship. Toward this end, we are currently active in the following distinct business sectors: (1) The production and marketing of over 25,000 types of couplings (trademark: “CUPLA”); (2) linear pumps and other types of pumps and its applications; (3) Pneumatic, electric and hydraulic tools for steel products e.g “Atra” drill processing tools, and “Jet Chisel” welding spatter removal tools

These products, all of which embody the essential precepts of “Product development that addresses today’s needs” and “Highly trustworthy and sincere technology,” continue to earn stellar customer satisfaction for their tremendous performance and quality. Along with this, the quality of the marketing services we provide each and every customer through Nitto-kai, our national sales and marketing organization has garnered us the highest reputation in the machine tools world for customer satisfaction.

Rooted in these core business domains, the Nitto Kohki growth strategy for the future is to continue to develop new products and production technologies steeped in craftsmanship, while forging dynamic new markets from a genuine global perspective. We will also vigorously advance our contributions to society, strengthen corporate governance to heighten our trust and spearhead business development based on an astute awareness of the complex needs of the global environment. Over the years ahead, Nitto Kohki will further energize innovation throughout all its business fields, mobilizing this business progress to raise the level of our corporate value to ever-greater heights.