NIVELCO Process Control Co.

Who we are

NIVELCO has established and maintained a leading and respected world market position, and in the past more than 3 and a half decades has sold almost 1 million units of level instrumentation. We are proud that NIVELCO is represented on the markets of many countries of the world through its subsidiaries and distributors, and in a number of industrial segments our devices are used with satisfaction.

Our company is committed to establishing long-term, trusted and successful business relationships. We know that besides getting an excellent value for your money, there are other key factors that matter to our clients such as quality, guarantee and business reliability. This can only be provided through high performance, quality products and services.

Thanks to the conscious quality policy represented by NIVELCO, our quality indicators have shown excellent results and positive changes in the past decades. As a result, in 2010, we introduced a 3-year full warranty for our products instead of the previous 2 years and, what’s more, in the next important step, since the 1st of January 2018, uniquely in the industry we provide 5 years of warranty for most NIVELCO instruments!

Feedback from our Clients and Partners assure us we are going on the right way and we are committed to provide high-quality products and services also in the future to repay their confidence in us.

Our values

The NIVELCO Group successfully maintained its leading position alongside other major instrument manufacturers throughout the economic crises of recent years. Indeed NIVELCO further increased the number of export markets served. Thanks to this healthy position, a four-year support contract was signed recently with the Hungarian Paralympic Association, helping to support a successful Olympic participation in the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in 2018. The whole NIVELCO Company looks forward to applying these basic principles, and our existing and ever-developing skills, to the future requirements of our industrial control customers, in increasingly more demanding world markets.

Our presence around the world