NODKA Automation Technology

Who we are

Nodka is a top-tier industrial computer manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of panel PCs, HMI, industrial PCs and automation computers tailored for the industrial automation, robotics, machine vision, smart manufacturing, self-service, edge IoT and many other industrial computer markets. Nodka was established in Shanghai in 2001 and has since grown to include offices in China, the Netherlands, and the United States, serving products and services to over 5,000 customers in 30+ countries. We offer OEM/ODM services, customizable and compatible solutions that ensure seamless integration with existing and future technologies, backed by our global support.

Nodka has a strong R & D, manufacturing, quality and assembly production capacity, in 2008 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, in 2010 established the embedded motherboards (Shenzhen) R & D Center and Precision Sheet Metal Machinery (Suzhou) machining centers, we have been enhance and improve the company's R & D and manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with higher quality products.

Our Facilities and Capabilities

In house SMTs, precision machinery and system assembly parts

Strong R&D team for both hardware design and software supports

450+ employees and near $100M annual revenue

Readily available inventory for small qty standard product orders

Fast turnaround for small batch customization HMIs

Short OEM/ODm design cycles: 30~40 days for a new design

Local service and support for the US and European markets

Our Products: Industrial Panel PCs, Industrial HMIs, Industrial Touch Monitors, Industrial PCs, Automation PCs, Industrial SBC & SoM

Our values

We endeavor ourselves to Industrial product design, produce , maintain and service support, and not be involved with competition with our customers on the market.

Offering X86 and ARM based platform and adhering to provide customers with industrial and military grade products.

Following up the market application and technical needs of innovation continuously, and supply the high-quality product and service, to grow with our partner together.

More than 7 years of product life cycle to ensure long-term supply of customer products, and gradually increase the product life cycle line up to 10 years.

Providing free lifecycle maintenance for customers, including OS upgrades, bug fixes and product tracking, technical consulting and support services.

Continuously cultivate R&D and field technical engineers team, accumulate field application experience, and continuously improve capability of troubleshoot and problem solving.

Our presence around the world