Nol-Tec Europe S.r.l.

Who we are

NTE Process is a Single Source Provider that will support you in all phases of design, supply and innovation of industrial plants. NTE Process provides the most cutting edge technologies of process and Industry 4.0.

Born from Nol-Tec Europe’s technological expertise and knowledge of the industrial processes, NTE Process can provide you the best solutions on the market, thanks to its own patented technologies and internationalpartners.

We combine a consolidated experience in the market of pneumatic conveying, mixing, dosing and automation systems, with the possibility of offering you the most innovative technological solutions, for process plants and equipment.

In our Research Centre and Test Plant you can directly test our technologies, with the opportunity to perform both scientific tests (fluidity, aeration, consolidation, etc.) and full scale tests (spray drying, drying, solid-liquid mixing, parallel processing, pneumatic conveying, etc.).

Our values

  1. Role Awareness

  2. Passion for the job

  3. Winning Mentality and Team Spirit

  4. Honesty and Transparency

  5. Trust in your colleagues

  6. Determination and Courage

  7. Mutual Help

  8. Gratitude and Loyalty

  9. Customer Care

  10. Honore and Mission Awareness