Who we are


We are the go- to partner for RFID and other sensor based PaaS applications. Our solutions enable our customers to manage their business processes based on facts, bring transparency to their manufacturing processes and predictability to their operations.


We bring a digital identity to every single item.

At Nordic ID our mission is to bring a digital identity to every item. We enable our customers to track and analyse the movement, status, location or other relevant information of every item throughout its lifecycle. Our solutions ensure that the right amounts of items are in the right places at the right time. They allow digitalization of core asset and item flows as well as generation of intelligent data.

Our values


… For us passion describes the strong drive that we have towards our business: assisting customers with improving the issues they face and bring benefits to their operations.
Enthusiasm for delivering best quality in our daily business and to strive for excellence in our operations.

… Respect refers to our way of interacting and communicating internally as well as externally. Understanding and open communication are pillars for mutual respect.

… At Nordic ID we want to act with courage. Courage to learn new things, take action and move forward.
Also, we refer to courage in our relation to our customers. Having the guts to speak up about tricky topics and suggesting brave solutions.