Who we are

Dongguan NOSEN M&E Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprises specialized in R & D and production of trapezoidal screw jack, combining production, sales and service as a whole.Thanks to firm support from circles of society, NOSEN business has been flourishing since its inception in 2003.

Have over 10 years experience in transmission field.

In 2003,established Yuanxin M&E Accessory Shop.

In 2005,named NOSEN M&E Factory.In 2006,established Shanghai NOSEN M&E Equipment Co.Ltd.

In2007,named Dongguan NOSEN M&E Equipment Co.Ltd,and established Int’l department;

In 2008,established NOSEN  International Industry (HK)Limited.

In 2009,NOSEN passed SGS certificates and R&D,production and Sale RNS-Series bevel gear screw jack,Patent Right No.201020105770.X

In 2010,NOSEN passed ISO9001:2008 certificates.Certificate No.104679,and R&D,production and Sale Screw Jack RNF-Series ,Patent Right No.20102546844.3.

In 2011, named Dongguan NOSEN M&E Technology Co., Ltd.and R&D,production and Sale RNV-series Cubic spiral bevel gearboxes.

 Over years ,responding to market demand and keeping a keen insight into the fact that there is poor self-locking performance and imprecise positioning in lifting motion of pneumatic and hydraulic machinery, NOSEN combines decades of experience in transmission design, researches and develops independently "NOSEN " product series: ball screw jack, trapezoidal screw jack, spiral bevel gearbox and bevel gear screw jack. Products on the market gained identification from a lot of old and new customers. NOSEN products are also widely used in mechanical field, achieved the requirements of precise positioning and fully self-locking, approved by many mechanical engineers and designers,which has became a trend in the mechanical market . 

NOSEN Advantage:

(1) With excellent quality

(2) Reasonable price

(3) Promise to delivery on time

(4) Large output torque

(5) Safe,reliable, economical and durable

(6) Stable transmission, quiet operation

(7) High heat-radiating efficiency, high carrying ability

(8) Certificate of quality: ISO9001:2008

(9) Every product must be tested before sending 

Our values

NOSEN Principles:

1) Pursues “Innovative in technology, creating transmission frontier ", with sci-technological progress and powerful strength,  managed to be the top ones in domestic screw jack field.

2) With strong strength and innovations in R&D ,NOSEN has became a research center for providing overall solution of the lifting ,positioning and linear transmission products.

3) NOSEN maintains the principle of integrity and idea of long-term management, providing lifting and transmission products with excellent quality and reasonable price for the customers by enhancing product quality and reducing product cost.

NOSEN Services:

1)NOSEN engineers help you consider all safety factors, select correct models step by step ,

2)Auto Cad & PDF drawing and layout are available for your reference.

3) Expert sales teams, familiar with I&E regulation, ensure goods shipment smoothly for you .

4)Follow up the exported goods from time to time, and make a report for monthly meeting.

5) During warranty period, any problem of "NOSEN" products, our factory will ship a new one for you to replace after confirmed.

NOSEN Values:

1) always with the high quality products and excellent services

2) Customers’recognition and appreciation is our motivation

Our presence around the world