Novus Automation Inc.

Who we are

NOVUS was founded in 1982 and is the largest Brazilian manufacturer of single-loop controllers and data acquisition instrumentation, with a staff of more than 100 expert technicians and engineers. The structure in Brazil is formed by the factory in the city of Canoas and commercial units in São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Miami, Turin and distributors in more than 60 countries. NOVUS is currently developing innovative products for data acquisition, as well as controllers and indicators, humidity, temperature and pressure transmitters, as well as intelligent instruments for industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

Our values

Our values:
• Ethics in relationships
• Creativity with innovation
• High productivity and competitiveness
• Socio-environmental responsibility
• Social inclusion and collective well-being with sustainability
• Promotion of personal and professional development of employees

Our mission: Develop and provide globally competitive measurement and automation products and services with superior performance and quality to provide maximum satisfaction to customers, employees, shareholders and society.