ODOT Automation

Who we are

Founded in 2003, Sichuan ODOT Automation System Co., Ltd. is a technical enterprise specialized in industrial communication and automation control system R&D and integrated technic service. We own a 20-year experience of industrial communication and automation control.

Our products consist of remote I/O ,PLC, integrated I/O module, IIOT gateway, protocol converters, serial servers, industrial switches, industrial wireless, embedded module, communication annex .

Having passed ISO9001 and Intellectual Property Management System certification, ODOT is a national high-tech enterprise.

ODOT as a third party system integrator of ABB China, channel partner of Siemens China, channel partner of Automation Combine India, strategic partner of Shenyang Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences, UESTC, and Southwest University of Science and Technology, ODOT has been a member of international communication standard organization PROFIBUS&PROFINET Association (PIChina), EtherCAT Technology Association, CC-Link member unit, OPC International Fund Organization, China Communication Industry Association, Industry Internet Federation and Edge computing industry Federation.

The registered capital of our company is 10.488 million RMB. We own a factory of over 6000 square meters and an independent technical development center as well as a professional technical team. Now, we have 200 staff, including 26 senior technical talents, 45 undergraduates, 19 special technic talents, 4 scientific prizes, 2 inventing patents, 7 new-concept patents, and 20 software copyright patents.

In the past few years, ODOT has been going full blast in three aspects, non-standard automatic system integration; self-brand product selling, intelligent plant. Now we are not only cooperating with industrial cloud platform companies like AliPay, Tencent Cloud, and Aerospace Cloud network in cloud gateway worked with MES factory, but also engaging in textile, automobile accessories, medicine, electronics and CNC processing and provide integrated data collection and transmission solution for software enterprises.

Smart factory partner: Foxconn, Fuyao Glass, Yili, Yujiang Die Casting, Alicloud, GSK, NC Central, Fa Lake and other enterprises all over the world.

Our values

ODOT has focused on data collection of production devices since 2012 and has successfully provided professional field data collection solution for textile enterprises, automobile accessory enterprises, cereal & oil processing enterprises, food and beverage producing enterprise, white wine-producing enterprises. With our expertise the real-time data of factory could be smoothly and accurately transmitted to the upper level management (MES and ERP), so that the intelligent manufacturing could be truly implemented and the real-time data of MES could give the managers real first-hand data on the production site.

Our purpose is to help the intelligent manufacturing take solid steps, the smile of your customer with your product could be our pride.

Our culture is Focus on IIOT and Powers the Smart Factory.

Our presence around the world