Ofil Ltd

Who we are

Core Business: UltraViolet Imaging
Brand name: DayCor®
Category: Electro Optical

Ofil conceives, develops, manufactures and markets bi-spectral (ultraviolet & visible) optical sensors and imaging systems, classified as Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) equipment. The systems are used for predictive & condition based maintenance of high and medium voltage apparatuses. Ofil addresses electrical utilities, high voltage laboratories, owners and operators of private substations, manufacturing industries, mines, refineries, and electrified transportation. Ofil is engaged with ongoing research & development activities, design & production of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and of tailor made solutions with incorporated DayCor® technology that allows precise detection of UV signals in full daylight.

Our values

Ofil’s mission is to support the global electrical industry with affordable qualitative testing systems that will be used safely and routinely to ensure uninterrupted on-going power supply.