OFIL Systems

Who we are

Core Business: UltraViolet Imaging
Brand name: DayCor®
Category: Electro Optical

Ofil conceives, develops, manufactures and markets gyro stabilized gimbaled payloads with optical sensors for helicopters and UAS, as well as handheld and mounted specialized corona detection cameras. Ofil's legacy products include bi-spectral (ultraviolet & visible) optical sensors and cameras, classified as Non-Destructive-Testing (NDT) equipment. Ofil systems monitor the condition of overhead power lines and are used for predictive & condition based maintenance of high and medium voltage apparatuses. Ofil products are used by electrical utilities, high voltage laboratories, FABS, owners and operators of private substations, manufacturing industries, mines, rotating machine workshops, refineries, and electrified transportation. Ofil keeps on researching & developing advanced inspection solutions, offers Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products and customized tailor made solutions with incorporated DayCor® technology that allows precise detection of UV signals in full daylight.

Our values

Ofil adopted a set of values that rule its daily business and social conduct

- Customer comes first, and customer service is predominant

- Teamwork & collaboration is the essence of our operation

- First time right and it follows a meticulous process of planning

- We can, and we want to succeed despite obstacles and unforeseen challenges

- Excellence, none the less, is our target with whatever we are engaged with.

- Winning spirit takes Ofil team to excellence and to daily summits

- Sustainability & regeneration motivate Ofil to develop tools to enhance and facilitate the conditions in which Life can flourish and ecosystems can recover and become resilient

Our presence around the world