Who we are

OGA is an engineering company that dates from 1996, the date of its creation. The main product is the design and manufacture of PNEUMATIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS applied to multiple industries, mainly Food, PVC Industry and Minerals that stand out in specific developments such as sugar handling, milk powder, PVC pipe production plants and Calcium carbonate management.
Currently, OGA has almost 2,000 pneumatic transport systems installed successfully in all types of industries, both by vacuum and by positive pressure, in DILUTED PHASE and DENSA PHASE, in maximum flow rates installed and in real operation of up to 200 ton / h. 280m distances.

The projects developed mainly are found in the Americas in all countries of Central America, the Caribbean and South America. However, we also have systems in operation in Europe and the Middle East. We have commercial offices in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and the USA. UU. That reach the maximum proximity with our clients in all parts of the world.

The OGA work team has more than 90 people, all of them professionals in different areas, mainly in engineering and related careers. Trained in cases of pneumatic transport in Colombia, USA. UU, and Europe, personnel with whom throughout our life history we have consolidated our model of calculation and design of PNEUMATIC TRANSPORT SYSTEMS. Adjust the theory with the practice that in many cases differs, so our experience is the main axis of guarantee of operation in any transport system we supply.

“High reliability solutions, optimal custom performance”

Our values

All of OGA’s interactions with all the stakeholders (collaborators, suppliers, customers, country, society) are framed by the following values ​​that have accompanied us since our creation and will accompany us indefinitely in time:

- Honesty

- Customer orientation

- Leadership

- Compliance

- Responsibility

- Respect

- Teamwork