Okawara Mfg. Co., Ltd

Who we are

Okawara is an engineering and industrial process machinery manufacturer.
Since 1927 we have been dedicating our efforts to drying and thermal processes, gaining an extensive experience in the design of equipments and processes for sectors such as food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemical, environmental, among others.

Main Line of Products
Industrial dryers: fluid bed dryer, belt conveyor dryer, rotary dryer, slurry dryer, conical mixer dryer, filter vacuum dryer
Liquid concentrator/evaporator: centrifugal thin-film vacuum evaporator
Mixer: vertical conical mixer
Sterilizers: superheated steam powder sterilization system for powders, granules / cut materials / seeds
Granulators: fluid bed type for granulation of powder material, fluid bed spray drying and granulation of liquid materials
Filtration System: filter vacuum dryer

At our technical center in Japan we offer a R&D and pilot plant testing center where our customers can verify the feasibility of the proposed equipment, prepare samples for research, quality validation and marketing as well as have accurate data in order to make a safe investment choice.

At Okawara we believe that every customer is unique and so should be their equipment. That is the reason that at Okawara we endeavor to custom made every single equipment and offer individually optimized solutions to ensure maximum benefit to our customers.

Basic Information:

Founded: October 1927
Incorporated: April 1945
Paid-in capital: JPY 779,210,000
Employees: Approximately 290 (Japan only)

Our values

Corporate Philosophy

As an engineering company, Okawara’s aim is to develop and provide the optimum combination of

quality, safety and environment friendly technologies that will enhance the value of our customers’ business

while also contribute to the progress of society at large.

Our presence around the world