Okutani Ltd.

Who we are

Our 125 years experiences on perforated metal make the impossible possible.

Our company was established on 1895 and has been supplying Perforated metal and Wire mesh to many industries.

Now we introduce "Super Punching" which has broken the mold and makes two impossible possible. One is High aspect ratio by punching and another one is Xtreme high open area.

#1 : High aspect ratio by punching : Stainless steel perforated with holes smaller than the overall thickness of the material has been unavailable until now, but our Super Punching can make it possible, it's a conventional perforated stainless steel with holes smaller than the material thickness. We now offer the unattainable perforated metal ratio, it can achieve High pressure-resistance, High durability and Long lasting.

#2 : Xtreme High Open Area : New Super Punching can achieve maximum 93.7% open area for Hexagonal holes and Square holes and 84.8% for Round holes. Perforated metal with X-High open area is an excellent product for filtration (sound, liquid, light, air etc) applications.

”Punching Man” was born to spread our super punching to the world.

Our values

We are a company that provides products that can contributes to the maintenance of the global environment through manufacturing and selling wire meshes, perforated metals and filters.

We become a company that is chosen by both customers and vendors. 3 sets of our mottoes, Security, Confidence and Trust.

Our presence around the world