Who we are


• French company founded in 1956

• Capital 2,500,000 euros

• Manufacturing and marketing of insulate containers and cooling

• 6000 m2 covered area factory

• Storage surface of16000 m2

• Sales branches England & Singapore

• 30 partner agents International

The Olivo range consists of more than 30 models of containers to combine with several refrigeration technologies in positive and negative cold.

France Olivo, Olivo UK and Singapore and a network of 30 partner agents around the world make up the team able to respond.

Our values


We value innovation and use the most advanced molding techniques such as the one-piece double wall technology for containers. We have also developped a range of six freezing points for eutectic plates and the Siber System? cryogenic cooling station.


Our commitment is to manufacture high quality insulated containers and improve product functionality. Continuous monitoring is provided from raw material to final product. For Olivo, quality is above all a state of mind. We innovate and employ the latest technologies.


The one-piece design of the walls ensures perfect protection of the insulation and increases the life of the container. The maintenance costs are substantially reduced.
The polyethylene of the walls is compatible with food. Selected for its sturdiness, it is 100% recyclable. Olivo offers a recycling service wich includes the dismantling of the container, recovery and recycling of materials. Polyethylene walls and the metal components are entirely recycled. The polyurethane foam is valued by incineration.