OMICRON electronics

Who we are

Our driving force: innovation with passion

Our company was founded 30 years ago in a small town in Austria where we set out to develop compact test sets for testing protection and measurement devices in utilities. From a small group of dedicated engineers, we have grown into an international company with 24 offices worldwide and customers in over 160 countries.

OMICRON stands for innovation. Pioneering solutions are the result of natural curiosity and an ability to think outside the box. We love to experiment, enjoy a challenge, and don't give up, meaning that we are continually setting groundbreaking standards in our industry. Our products and solutions are functional and precise, easy to use, and are manufactured to an extremely high level of quality.

Yet innovation does not just apply to the technology – innovation can also be found in how we shape our working environment and work together as a team with partners and customers.

We engage with our customers as equal partners; by sharing our knowledge and expertise, helping them with our solutions, and ensuring they can rely on our comprehensive technical support, we can all grow together.

Our values

Our culture: trust and open communication

"Create an environment with no artificial limits where a team of excellent members can reach an excellent performance and enjoy working together at the same time." (Rainer Aberer, OMICRON founder)

We firmly believe that people work to their greatest potential when they feel valued and have the freedom to develop and grow. Only people who enjoy what they are doing are capable of achieving the extraordinary.

We foster a working environment in which every member of the team is encouraged to take responsibility and tackle tasks independently. We value an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication; an atmosphere in which our colleagues with diverse personal backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences come together every day to produce innovative new ideas.

Our presence around the world