OP Srl

Who we are

O+P Srl has been producing equipment for the hydraulic hose and tube assembly for more than 40 years, offering customized solutions gained from research, precision and quality. People, passion and solutions are our strong features, which together with wideness of range, development and innovation make us a unique, young and dynamic brand.

All our products are made in Italy, manufactured in compliance with EC standards, and ensure quality, innovation and safety, which are results of the fact that all the mechanical components used in our equipment are manufactured by our sister company Sinde Srl, specifically set up for this purpose, making it a critical piece to O+P's consistent quality.

The global expansion of our sales network and our continuous growth are the result of a development process focused on people, engagement and originality, which led our company to become one of the main international leaders in our industry. Over the years, alongside our Italian headquarters, we created three foreign branches, based in the US (Boston), China (Shanghai) and India (New Delhi), with the aim to being closer to our customers and better serve their needs.

Change and diversity are our lifeblood. We are ready to break new grounds, guided by spirit of initiative, adventure and creativity, always aiming at innovation.
Choosing O+P, we guarantee our customers to entry in a new world full of possibilities: dynamism and prompt feedback; wide and complete range of products; precise, easy to use and intuitive machines; training and coaching for collaborators and customers, and mainly the particular relationships O+P is able to create with people, establishing steady and long-lasting partnerships based on loyalty, transparency and trustfulness.

This is Enjoy the difference!

Our values



Person-respect is at the heart of the relationships within the O+P culture. Loyalty, ethics and transparency are the hallmarks of our team and this has allowed O+P to continuously develop trusting and reassuring relationships with our customers.


The history of our companies roots lives in our people and within the industrial area of Brescia, Northern Italy, where we were born and raised. This makes us a real family who faces any challenge with great passion.


From our clever concepts to our streamlined development processes, O+P offers impressive expertise in engineering while ensuring the utmost attention to detail. The wideness of our range provides focused solutions allowing us to successfully face any difficulty. This results in our ability to consistently meet each project requirement for even the most unique applications.


We are a smart and bright reality who never gives up against formalities. We promote development and innovation within our organization, always searching for new evolutionary and future-oriented solutions.


Our robust equipment best reflects the “one” of our group and organization. We focus on the integrity, safety and flexibility of our products, combining strength and power with user-friendliness and intuitiveness.


We aim at developing a high-quality product, which can be realiable and always of higher performance, Under this view, we take care of every detail and meet our customers’ needs with precision, reliability and know-how.


We stand out for the strength of our passion. We produce our equipment offering customized solutions, which are always more advanced and diversified for their type and aim of use, without renouncing user-friendliness or precision.