Oriental Motor

Who we are

Oriental Motor is a globally operating manufacturer of small electric motors and drives systems. The product range covers stepper motors, servomotors, brushless DC motors, asynchronous motors, linear motion/actuators and fans. The European headquarters is located in Duesseldorf, sales offices are in Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.

Oriental Motor holds subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Switzerland, in all other important European countries Oriental Motor cooperates with distribution partners.

Besides the high quality products Oriental Motor provides free services before and after the purchase, for example the free and non-binding motor calculation and motor selection service.

Our values

Unwaveringly exceptional quality, matching unceasing demands for ever better technology
We have roughly 50,000 different types of standard products. Our accumulated technological excellence reflects our long years of dedication to quality. With our strengths such as high torque, high efficiency, high precision, long life, low noise, low heat generation, low vibration, ease of selection, and user-friendliness, our established systems aim to produce products that our customers can rely on.

One motor or many, whenever needed
You can order the products listed in our catalogs anytime, anywhere, and in any quantity you need. We deliver orders of any size, from one piece or more with short delivery times. With our stable production, quality control and logistics systems, we relentlessly pursue improvement and excellence in order to continue providing our products and services to our customers all over the world.

Consistent support, anywhere in the world
We have established a global support network worldwide, to provide consultation services promptly and to make optimal motion a reality. We provide technological consultations, selection support and seminars in our sales offices, and offer support for every aspect of our products, from installation to maintenance. In order to be able to maintain optimal motion, we will always be at our customers's side, no matter where they are in the world.

Environmental and Community Initiatives
We continue to engage in environmental conservation activities for the sake of protecting our irreplaceable planet. We also work together with regional communities to develop activities which aim to make contribution towards the realization of a more affluent society.

Our presence around the world