Orved S.p.A.

Who we are

Innovators by choice!

At Orved we believe innovation serves not only an idea but is the perfect combination of three key elements: our knowledge, determination to reach our goals and our drive towards success.
For this reason, Orved has been innovating the world for over 30 years by creating the best products dedicated to the vacuum packing and sous-vide cooking, our true passion!

We have always mastered the most excellent vacuum packing machine!

Excellence, innovation, training, listening and customer care are the foundations of the Orved corporate philosophy. This consistent choice has led the company to spread the culture and the use of vacuum technology around the world by offering cutting-edge machinery in both technology and quality, able not only to respond to clients' needs but also to anticipate them.

Today Orved, represents excellence in the vacuum world for both storage and in cooking. It carries the highest quality and efficient products to simplify the customers' daily work, always ensuring the highest level of technology and performance with significant time and cost savings.

Our values

Sustainability is a core value for ORVED'

New processes to reduce waste

Sustainability is one of Orved's core values. Acting sustainably is part, as always, of the Orved culture that pays particular attention to reducing waste annually, investing a lot of economic resources in the development of both production processes and products as sustainable as possible.
The company has designed, especially in recent years, more economic resources in the creation of a new production system based on the "LEAN PRODUCTION" philosophy: optimization of production processes, synchronization, and the search for perfection through continuous improvement.
These three aspects are the essential conditions to zero waste, environmental and social externalities, giving life, every day, at extremely leaner production cycles, fluid and fast, capable of improving the organizational, social and environmental context in which the ' company operates.

The use of our products

Reducing environmental impact and energy for those who use our machines for storage and vacuum cooking is our daily priority.
So when we design new vacuum systems we try to create them so they can ensure maximum energy savings.
Increased energy efficiency means more savings for the user and a real environmental benefit.

More sustainable products

For Orved, reducing environmental impact is a circular process that involves the entire life cycle of a product; from its birth to its disposal. The company pays maximum attention every day to the use of sustainable and eco-compatible materials.
Some materials such as steel, aluminum, glass and plexiglass, are chosen because they are easily recyclable through careful separate collection. Each product is over 95% recyclable, making our production the "top" in efficiency.
In addition, to improve the ecological aspect of each product and closely comply with the directions in the European directives, RoHs and REACH, Orved has expanded further restrictions in the use of substances considered potentially harmful at a domestic level.

The meticulous and careful selection of each provider also add to the selection process for the best components to always guarantee the production of the highest quality and environmentally sustainable packaging machines and machines for the vacuum packaging.