Who we are

PACBRO builds and markets secondary packaging machines under the Elena Marchetti brand and was born in Legnano in 2012, but it was 1929 when my great-grandfather Francesco Antonio Marchetti began to develop and produce innovative and functional mechanical constructions, from the fire-fighting sector (patents and production of wheeled fire extinguishers and hydro-projectors also for the Navy) to the road construction sector (bitumen machines and road crushing plants for Loro and Parisini in Milan). The post-war years are the years in which the “Stabil”, the innovative trolley for motor scooters and motorcycles, was designed and marketed with great success, followed some time later by the “Tender” car trailer. And we come to the seventies, when my grandfather and my father started making machines for sealing cardboard boxes. A long family and industrial history of which I am proud, because it has handed down acquired experience and values such as respect for the customer and passion for my work.
We design and build secondary packaging machinery: carton formers (American format) and sealers, both with tape and with glue, of various types: automatic, semi-automatic with fixed format and self-sizing, as well as end-of-line. Our machines are found wherever there is a cardboard box to be stored or shipped. And in a cardboard box you can put everything: from automotive batteries to fruit juice cartons with everything in between. So let’s go to all sectors, from food to cosmetics, from logistics to durable goods.

Our values

RELIABILITY: Our CE-certified machines are heavy duty and engineered to last.

MADE IN ITALY: Our CE-certified machines are heavy duty and engineered to last.

FROM STANDARD TO BESPOKE: Customised, modified and accessorised in plenty of ways for 100% customer satisfaction.

INNOVATION: 4.0 Technology for new predictive machines customized to simplify operations and prioritise safety.

SUSTAINABILITY: Research and development delivers low consumption solutions both when using and when manufacturing our machines.

THE H FACTOR: Human capital is our key asset: a motivated professional team supports and assists customers before and after the sale.