Park Systems

Who we are

Park Systems, the world-leading innovator in Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), enables researchers and engineers around the globe to contribute to impactful science and technological development that helps humanity to grow and improve life standards.

With Park’s high-performance scientific instruments for academic and industrial communities, we help to explore new phenomena in chemistry, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor, and data storage industries. Cutting-edge AFM automation and the highest data accuracy enables to become more efficient, more accurate and more productive at your work.

With the in-built robotics and AI features of the newly introduced FX40 Automatic AFM, Park Systems has opened the door to quantitative high-resolution imaging for interdisciplinary researchers and industry engineers.

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Our values

Our mission…

The team at Park Systems work each day to live up to the innovative spirit of the company’s origins. Our products are built with today’s most innovative features and technologies, and we are constantly at work developing new functionality that will allow engineers and researchers to be more precise and more efficient.

…Your Values

With AFMs designed specifically to be used in materials science, electronics, life science, nanotechnology, and other areas of research and industry, our tools are trusted to deliver ultra-high resolution with extremely precise measurements quickly and easily. Our innovative features, such as True-Non Contact™ mode and cutting-edge automation of the first on the market FX40 Automatic AFM, we set our products apart from the competition and make Park Systems AFMs the easiest to use and most advanced AFMs available.

Our presence around the world