Photonic Optics GesmbH & CoKG

Who we are


PHOTONIC – a company of the WILD Group – is THE specialist for opto-mechatronic products such as universal lighting modules, complete light sources, surgical lighting and security technology and equipment.

To keep up with the demands of true innovation, PHOTONIC is constantly developing new concepts for demanding operating conditions as well as associated miniaturisations and system optimisations.

The product range covers all spectra of light from UV via visible light to near infrared.

PHOTONIC is active in the fields of medical technology (endoscopy / microscopy), life science and security technology and continuously expanding its applications for industry.

Our values

We excel through technological innovation and offer intelligent, system-oriented product solutions that are held in high esteem by our customers.

We understand the details of product application, markets and the requirements of our customers.

We know no compromise when it comes to quality, speed and flexibility.

We are in demand: as employers, strategic partners, and as a successful enterprise.