Pico Electronics

Who we are

Pico Electronics, Inc. is today's leader in the manufacturing of transformers, inductors, DC-DC converters and AC-DC power supplies where performance and size are critical. In business since 1967, Pico is celetrating 50 years of quality, integrity, and reliability. The company proudly serves the military with "mission critical" products, and continues to meet the aerospace and industrial needs with unparalleled ultra-miniature magnetic components and power supplies -- all manufactured in the USA.

Our values

Established in 1967, Pico Electronics began with a vision to create a comnpany to manufacture the smallest and most reliable transformers, inductors, and power supplies. Pico is constantly striving to increase the performance of its products or decrease their size, and to expand the product lines to meet customers' demands. Many of these customers have been with Pico from the very beginning. Their long-time loyalty attests to their continued satisfaction.