PIDSO - Propagation, Ideas and Solutions GmbH

Who we are

"Connections are the key to success.
Human, technical and global."

PIDSO is an Austrian high-tech company specializing in the development and manufacturing of antennas and antenna systems.

We develop solutions for wireless communication. We supply key technologies for wireless networking in industries such as automotive, event production, motorsport, infrastructure, Industry 4.0, as well as manned and unmanned aviation.

Our service portfolio ranges from our own product development to customer-specific solutions as well as services in the field of high-frequency simulation, measurement and prototype construction.

Through the in-house infrastructure, all assembly work and quality assurance can be performed most efficiently, providing our customers with a unique all-in-one solution for high-performance antennas.

Our values

The Team

„We believe in establishing strong connections on all levels.
We trust in: people, respect and communication.
With creativity, know-how and our deep understanding of technology,
we innovate with passion and attention to detail.“

Innovation and solution-oriented thinking characterize the PIDSO team.

The PIDSO team of 30 specialists in the field of hardware development, software development, IT & logistics, manufacturing, research & development and project management.

Through the intensive cooperation, we succeed in responding to challenging customer requirements with innovative complete solutions.

In doing so, we place the highest demands on our work and see every order as an individual project: this is how we succeed in inspiring customers with future-oriented products.