Who we are

Pietro Carnaghi company was founded in 1922 and it is today an important reference point in the international scenario of the machine tool manufacturers, with the continuous development of technologies and ideas, supported by more than 8 decades of experience in the field.
The Carnaghi family, being the founder of the Company, is today represented by the third and the fourth generations. They are active in the management of the Company, cooperating with professional managers sharing the strategical vision.

Pietro Carnaghi specializes in machine tools with high demanding performances, is today active on the market in the production of:

- vertical lathes
- movable portals milling machines (GANTRY type)
- FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems), cells.

Pietro Carnaghi is world leader in the production of large vertical lathes and provides in addition to the machines, the advanced machining technology and effective aid to the customer’s production needs.

An important feature of the company vision is the customer orientation, extremely enhanced by a dynamic and responsive organization.
In 2009 the modern production plant (located in Villa Cortese, Milano) has been enlarged and expanded with a second unit dedicated to large machines, with buildings with a 20 meter height capacity, reaching a total covered surface over 35,000 sqm (376,737 sq ft).

A new expansion, looking towards the customer request of big size machine, was completed in 2015, achieving a total covered area of 50.000 sqm (538.195 sq ft) and a building height of 22 meter (72.2 ft)

The Company, certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 has a capacity of production of about 40 machines per year, with thousands of installations all over the world.
The export rate of the production is set on a value of approx 90%.
Main relevant installations are located in Europe, USA, China, Russia, Middle East, South America.

Main application fields of PIETRO CARNAGHI customers are:

• Energy: machining of gas, steam and hydroelectrical turbines; nuclear energy; wind energy
• Aeronautics, jet engines
• Aerospace
• Mining equipment and earthmoving
• Bearings
• General mechanics
• Oil&Gas

Our values

- MADE IN ITALY: the production is located close to Milano, close to the financial capital of Italy, reach in metalworking activities

- MACHINING IN HOUSE: high quality, thermal controlled production to control the whole process, timing and qualiy of the component

- CUSTOMER SERVICE, having as a first priority the customer satisfaction

- CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: no standard machine. the configuration of the machine is selected with the customer to achieve the best productivity possible

- 100 YEARS EXPERIENCE: over 1000 satisfied customer in the world

- FINANCIAL STABILITY: with D&B rating 1 since many years, the comany ensure the stability to partner with customer on long terms projects

The company is certified ISO9001, 45001, ensuring the customer a quality and healt and safety internal management