PNR Italia

Who we are

Design, production, and marketing of nebulization components

The company was founded in Milan in November 1968 as a company for the resale of parts and components for fire protection systems and, subsequently, a range of sprayers for industrial applications.

Today, we manufacture from small spraying nozzles to large-scale spraying systems with industrial spraying nozzles. We offer a wide range of products, various types of nozzles, for every kind of application and customer's need.

We also design and manufacture pneumatic spray nozzles for industrial applications and washing heads. Our offer includes complementary accessories such as filters, guns, and hoses for industrial washing, ejectors, blower nozzles, swivel joints, and hose clamps.

Our values

PNR Italia is based on the following principles and values, which constitute the guidelines in its activities and its relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders:

In all commercial activities, we pursue our objectives with fairness, professionalism, and responsibility, ensuring compliance with the principles of integrity and correctness in drafting any legally relevant document.

We place transparency at the heart of our actions, communication, and contracts.

We pursue the professional development of all our employees, in the awareness that the quality of our products and the reliability of our processes depends above all on the skills we possess.

Value of the person
The centrality and value of the person guide our way of acting through dialogue with all stakeholders, combining the prospects of business development with full respect for the individual.

We encourage mutual solidarity, aware that the network of relations between people must also count on actions aimed at supporting and helping people in difficulty.

Efficiency and effectiveness
All our activities are inspired by the principles of efficiency and effectiveness to ensure the best operating conditions and value for resources to achieve the objectives and satisfy their stakeholders.

We aim to continuously improve, developing actions aimed at product and process innovation.

Our presence around the world