POLAR Cutting Technologies GmbH

Who we are

POLAR-Mohr was founded in 1906 as "Adolf Mohr, Maschinenfabrik". Since then, the company has undergone a transformation, not only in terms of the products it focuses on. It has grown from a regional provider to the world’s number one for high-speed cutters and associated peripheral equipment for the graphics industry.
We develop efficient solutions for the post-print sector and are a future-oriented technology company with a global presence. Our product range includes components and systems that link up and automate all processes, from loading, jogging, cutting and die-cutting through to unloading and banding.

Our values

Adolf Mohr Maschinenfabrik was founded in 1906 and a few years later started marketing its products under the brand name POLAR.

In 1946 Karl and Rudolf, sons of the company founder Adolf Mohr, started specializing in the construction of cutting machines for the paper processing industry. The efficiency, quality and durability of the cutters meant that they were soon regarded as prime examples of the high standard of products "made in Germany", and the company evolved from a regional provider to the world's largest supplier of high-speed cutters.

The portfolio of products sold under the POLAR brand has been constantly extended over the past 55 years. Today it not only includes cutting machines, but also complex, fully-automated cutting systems, label systems for cut and die-cut labels, tailored systems for paper wholesalers, three-side trimmers and compact cutting machines for small-format printing.

The company has two production facilities, one at the company headquarters in Hofheim am Taunus and one in Shanghai. The family-owned business employs a workforce of 500 around the world.

The fast rise in the importance of electronic communication media has stimulated the printed products market considerably. Printshops are increasingly turning into printing factories. Web-to-print is creating printing centers of unprecedented efficiency and copy shops are developing into digital printing businesses.

POLAR reacted to these changes at an early stage. The Compucut networking software makes POLAR cutting machines and systems integral components of the networked print shop. Automated gripper systems automate the cutting-related processes, right through to unattended finishing processes.

The cost pressure faced by our customers made our machine designers focus on efficiency by automation. With Compucut, zero make-ready time as required by the market has almost become a reality at POLAR. Digital cutting process visualization on the control monitor including the comments for production control are also features of the eleventh machine generation. For the growing label printing market POLAR designs highly productive in-line die-cutting systems. They not only process labels made of paper – a counterpressure system even permits handling of compressible plastic or metalized-foil materials.

We supply sturdy, compact-design cutting machines with cutting widths of 56 to 115 cm which are network-enabled and equipped with a barcode reader for cost-efficient production of very small runs on the threshold between digital printing and classic offset printing. A three-side trimmer for stitched or sized print products complements the line of products designed for this market segment.

POLAR expanded its market position by acquiring DIENST Verpackungstechnik GmbH . Dienst Verpackungstechnik produce cartoning systems and are active in the steadily growing packaging market.

Our presence around the world