Premier Tech Systems and Automation

Who we are

Based in Canada and with offices all around the world, Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) is the packaging equipment group of Premier Tech. PTC is among the largest packaging equipment manufacturers in the world and well-known in the flexible and the rigid packaging industries for its state-of-the-art packaging machines and its complete packaging lines for small- and large-scale production. Its wide product portfolio includes solutions such as bagging scales and feeders, bagging machines, case packing machines, robotic and conventional palletizers, stretch wrappers, stretch hooders, conveyors, etc. Moreover, PTC also offers bulk processing solutions as well as peat moss field equipment, including screening systems, mixing lines, harrows, vacuum harvesters, etc.

Our values

Safety as a value

Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) believes that its team members are the most valuable resource it can rely on. Accordingly, PTC has taken a series of measures that support daily work towards eliminating the risk of accidents on its production sites. These measures include lockout procedures, workplace inspections, first aid training, mandatory protective equipment, restricted plant access, and emergency plans. Each plant can also count on both a joint committee and a specific team dedicated to occupational health and safety.

Out to innovate everywhere, at all times

Since the beginning, the experienced and dynamic team of engineers at Premier Tech Chronos (PTC) has diligently used the “art of listening” as one of the most powerful tools in developing its technologies to the fullest. Listening to the customers and asking questions has provided PTC with the end results of what needed to be accomplished in order to conquer various targeted markets within its three business segments (flexible packaging; rigid packaging; bulk processing and field equipment).

At PTC, Innovation, Research, and Development (IR&D) programs contribute to developing brand new technologies and new product options or features and to performing continuous improvement on the existing product lines. These programs provide PTC with the opportunity to “think outside the box” and launch many more innovative products in the marketplace. Most IR&D projects are carried out through a partnership with a customer, thus allowing for the installation of the new technologies inside a real production environment. This facilitates all of the steps towards the maturity of the new equipment and its worldwide marketing.

At PTC, we thrive on innovation. In the past ten years, the company has brought to the industry many leading-edge technologies that are still ahead in the market today. In PTC’s vision, more innovations are scheduled to arise in the coming years and change the way you look at packaging.

Our presence around the world