Productive Systems

Who we are

Productive Systems is a machine design and building company that cater for automation requirements in various industries that includes:

- Plastic Packaging Industry (Bottles & Caps)
- Food & Beverage Industry
- Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Industry
- Chemical & Household Industry
- Automotive & Other

Situated in Centurion, the Gauteng Province of South Africa, the economic hub of the country. Established in 1989 the company has an impressive track record and experience base to work from and share with its customes.

We have exported to countries such as:

- New Zealand
- Australia
- China
- Singapore
- Malaysia
- Dubai
- Saudi Arabia
- Kuwait
- Lebanon
- Cyprus
- Belgium
- Panama
and countries all over Africa.

Some of the main equipment we design and manufacutre includes:

- Bagging machines for empty plastic bottles (up to 27,000bph per bagger)
- Wadding machines for lining plastic closures
- Cap assembling machines for multi-part plastic cloures
- Palletising machines for empty plastic bottles
- Stretch wrapping machines for wrapping pallets
- Variuos types of conveyor systems for handling a range of products
and many more

Our values

"Productivity Through Innovation"

At Productive Systems we strive to supply our customers with the optimum solution for their specific requirements based on the following key principles:

- Uncompromising quality
- Return on investment
- Reliability through proven design methods
- Customer satisfaction through quality and aftersales service