Who we are

Qimarox is a leading manufacturer of components for material handling systems. As a manufacturer of, among other things, palletisers, product lifts, pallet lifts, packaging machines and shielding systems, Qimarox distinguishes itself by its contemporary vision and approach, in which innovation, quality and added value are of paramount importance.


Our approach is unique. We don’t sell our components directly to end users, but instead supply original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and system integrators specialised in various sectors such as food, pharma, fast-moving consumer goods and logistics. Globally, we now have a network of hundreds of system partners who are experienced in the installation and integration of our components.


Our approach offers great advantages to the end user. The end user can rely on a local, trusted system partner of Qimarox, and if its own principal supplier isn’t yet familiar with Qimarox’s components, it can be trained as a system partner. Thus end users are assured of a partner who speaks their language, understands the market in which they operate and is able to provide them with the service that is expected today. Qimarox can of course also provide end users with information and advice on components and system partners.


This approach also benefits system partners. System partners are assured of the best components, which they can install and integrate quickly and easily using their own knowledge and skills, resulting in a total solution with greater added value, with lower costs for end users. Partners can always fall back on the support of Qimarox. Even if they are not yet familiar with our components, they can still adapt quickly.


This approach allows us to focus on what we do best: developing and manufacturing material handling components that offer the best performance, lowest integration costs and best service (and thus the greatest value) to end users. Key words: low prices, standard solutions, proven technology.

Our values


Qimarox emerged from Nedpack, which was established in 1995 by Pieter Hannessen. From the beginning, Nedpack had a strong focus on the manufacture of palletisers and product elevators for end-of-line packaging systems. The company’s years of experience and continuous development have produced machines that are modular, standardised components, which today are supplied to original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and system integrators worldwide. In 2012, this components division was split off from Nedpack and housed in Qimarox, to place even more focus on design, production and supply of these components.


Qimarox aspires to become the market leader in the supply of material handling components to OEMs and system integrators, offering the highest performance, lowest integration costs and best service to end users.


The material handling systems market requires components that combine high performance with a low price and that are modular, multifunctional and durable.


Qimarox has a team of highly qualified employees. Their customer focus enables Qimarox to maintain and further expand its current leading position in the market.