Who we are

QUIRI is a designer and manufacturer of tubular heat exchangers, hydraulic equipment (cylinders, shock absorbers, hydraulic systems) and gas springs, for the energy, nuclear, automotive and rail transport industries and defense.
QUIRI is ISO 9001 certified and has numerous quality accreditations for the most demanding customers.
The company is based in Duttlenheim (F), near Strasbourg.

QUIRI exports more than 50% of its production, mainly to Europe and Asia, through a network of agents and subsidiaries. The main production site is located in Duttlenheim, where all products are designed, assembled and tested. The group also has a production site in Turkey and Germany, as well as a sales and logistics subsidiary in China.

QUIRI is made up of two departments, namely;

The Hydromechanics department which designs and produces industrial hydraulic equipment (cylinders, shock absorbers, hydraulic systems) for the defense, energy, transport and aeronautical industries. The department masters all the skills related to the hydraulics profession: mechanical design, hydraulics and automation, machining, assembly and qualification tests. QUIRI Hydromécanique also develops and manufactures servo-hydraulic test benches (test benches for structures, shock absorbers and ground connections, test benches for pumps, motors and hydraulic components).

The Heat Exchanges department specializing in the design and manufacture of tubular heat exchangers, a range of industrial electric heaters, skids and special equipment, intended for the energy, oil and gas industries as well as of chemistry.

Thanks to a sustained policy of technical innovation and the conquest of export markets, the company is growing and the group now has more than 280 employees.

Our values

Quiri works for the most demanding industrial companies worldwide.

Our customers belong to energy, automotive, aeronautic, defense, nuclear and oil and gas industries.

The various applications fields of our products allow technical cross-fertilization and continuous benchmarking.

To support the growth of our customers and bring innovative solutions to them are the main goal of the company