Who we are

Manufacturer and Supplier of standard elements and following plans, RABOURDIN SAS offers you its technologies and the products responding to the needs of the toolmakers, for the fields of the mold, the cutting / stamping and the general mechanics. Thermal treatments and coatings accompany the offer.

In addition to its Hot Channels solutions, RABOURDIN SAS relies on innovation with the injection of liquid silicones and rubbers. A dedicated BE advises you and accompanies your requests.

In the fields of aeronautics, space and defense, RABOURDIN SAS is certified ISO9001 and EN 9100 for its production of screws and shafts according to standards or plans.

Our know-how: PRECISION of realization, DURABILITY of the parts, QUALITY of the service.

Our values

Doing what is right
Act with transparency and respect our commitments.

Believe in the team
Our ability to combine talent and succeed in our projects makes us unique. We value the diversity and contribution of everyone. The passion associated with trust within teams and between teams takes us ever further.

Encourage a fair return for all
We believe in projects based on lasting and balanced relationships. We seek to improve our performance and to share the benefits of all our successes with the players in our development: customers, partners, suppliers & employees.

Building the Future
Our spirit of enterprise, our investments and our ability to anticipate are the engines that allow us to accompany you on your projects of tomorrow.