RAM Elettronica

Who we are

RAM stands for Research on Automatic Machineries. Research and innovation, indeed, have always been at the core of our activities.

Thanks to an unconventional approach to problem solving, RAM has always aimed at re-defining the industry standards in the world of cutting of expanded polyurethane, foam, fibers, and textile.

All our ideas are developed in-house. We design automatic contour cutting machines, which stand out for their working speed, easiness of use, and flexibility. They are conceived so as to produce ever-increasing value, as well as cut a wide range of materials and minimize production costs.

Our values

Our values reflect who we are, what we do, and where we are heading.

- PASSION & COMMITMENT are our fuel. Our diverse team works hard every day to achieve our shared goals.

- CUSTOMER CARE enables us to establish and maintain trustworthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Only by listening to our customers’ intuitions and needs, can we evaluate and design the best solutions with and for them.

- RESEARCH & INNOVATION are both our source and our target. We started from innovation and, through research, we strive for a continuous re-innovation in the cutting industry of expanded polyurethane, foam, fibers, and textile.

- FOCUSED CREATIVITY is our latest challenge. Recently, our team has enlarged, encompassing a wider range of people and skills. This has resulted in a renewed approach which mingles our long-standing experience with a new generation of ideas and experimentation. By embedding our combined creativity into specific tasks and projects, we pave the way for ever-increasing value.