Ravioli spa

Who we are

The Company established in 1926 by Umberto Ravioli, who started his activity in Milan as manufacturer of electromechanical devices for industry.

In 1949 his son, Alessandro managed the Company adding new products for the control system and since 1975 we have been a joint Stock Company.

Last year we celebrated our anniversary: 90 years of activity.

About our production, we can divide it into two different sectors :


Since ‘80ties d.c. contactors and twin connectors for lift trucks, cleaning machines, services on ships and boats


Limit switches, sliprings, pendant stations and Industrial radio remote controls, for building and bridge cranes, hoists and auto-cranes.

Our values

Ravioli Company wishes to give a global service to the customer, not only thinking about the product’s selling, but also following the customer starting from the moment he shows interest in our production and keeping in touch with him after the selling.

Only by seeing with the customer’s eyes the company is able to create a sort of complicity with its customer, in order to be closer to the customer’s point of view and to satisfy his requests at its best. We strongly believe that a Company wouldn’t exist if there was no customer to satisfy.

During our long experience we realized that companies are mostly composed by people.

We do trust in human resources and for this reason we try everyday to bring out the value of the human qualities and skills of our employees and management staff, through a dynamic and stimulating structure.

Our employees and staff are like a team, based on deep mutual esteem, and they are proud to be a relevant part of a “big family”.

In relation to this, our aim and mission is to be a reliable partner, a partner you know you can rely on.