Riels Instruments

Who we are

The company was founded in 1967 and has established itself throughout the country as one of the largest in the field of Instrumentation for Process Control and Industrial Automation.

Riels Instruments has developed according to the inspiring principles of the founder Alberto Righetti geared towards the needs and satisfaction of the customer, product quality and the constant renewal of new technologies.

In this perspective, the company has the Quality System Certification according to the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

Riels Instruments operates as a sole supplier and can meet any need in the field of controlling and monitoring variables of pressure, level, temperature and humidity flow for all types of industries, such as petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical, food processing, shipbuilding and water treatment.

Our values

Thanks to the specificity and completeness of its range of items, Riels Instruments provides its customers with comprehensive advice and support throughout the country.

A technical support team of specialized staff can recommend the best possible solutions.

The website is an additional reference tool, which provides further details regarding the features and operation of the products.

Our presence around the world