Rotork Schischek

Who we are

There’s more to Explosion protection than risk analysis and statistics. The reality of Explosion protection is about safety and saving lives. Explosion protection cannot be left to chance which is why it’s essential to collaborate with a Partner in whom you have full confidence.

Schischek located in Langenzenn Germany has, since 1975, been the Company trusted by Organisations around the globe to provide explosion proof damper actuators, valve actuators, sensors and controllers for their safety critical Explosion proof HVAC requirements.

Our products are in use worldwide, in thousands of facilities: technical building services, industry plants, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry, sewage plants, compressor stations and power plant technology, offshore platforms, oil and gas pipelines.

Collaboration with Schischek assures clients of first class support at all phases of their project from planning through to installation, completion and on-going site service without compromise. Schischek products are compatible electrically to all established control products and brands and mechanically to the widest range of dampers and valves.

Our values

Schischek Explosionproof.
Protection of Life. Health. Assets.

Schischek has been a proud member of the Rotork Group since 2013.
The relationship has proved symbiotic and mutually beneficial. The Schischek product range and expertise has enhanced the Rotork portfolio whilst at the same time Schischek has benefited from Rotork’s existing product portfolio and global reach.