Who we are


When RS started out, from a lock-up garage in North-West London, 1937, it began by selling its own, branded components. The RS PRO brand was launched in 2016, collecting all of these products and launching many more, to become a one-stop shop for industrial supplies. Now, it serves over 600 thousand customers in 32 global locations.

By choosing RS PRO you know that every product has been rigorously tested, inspected and audited against demanding industry standards. Only then is it awarded the RS PRO Seal of Approval, your assurance of consistent, industrial grade quality, throughout our range.

With over 80,000 products across all industries and technologies, we have the largest offering in the industry. This huge range of products makes purchasing easier and enables us to combine products into integrated solutions for any industrial working environment.

RS PRO provides customers with a brand that they can trust, at the price and quality they expect. A brand that continues to grow by refining our supply chain and ethical sourcing practices and providing products with sustainable characteristics, to help our customers choose and contribute to a sustainable future.

As we explore new technologies, we are creating solutions for every industry that make RS PRO the Smart Choice for our customers.

Our values


As a company, we're focused on always offering the highest quality products and there's a constant stream of products that need to be checked for compliance, often down to component level. Our labs have the capability to carry out a range of specialist procedures, for example to check for RoHS compliance using EDXRF where appropriate. We also have advanced expertise across the full range of electrical testing procedures.

Many vendors simply import and sell without checks and this cannot be in the ultimate interests of anyone, particularly the customer. So, when buying from RS PRO, you can be confident you're getting outstanding quality and value.


Quality: the RS PRO seal of approval is synonym of rigorous quality process to demanding international standards.

Choice: an offer of more than 80,000 quality, branded products that evolves and expands itself.

Value: choice, availability and performance at the price that you expect.

Sustainability: We apply green working methods from production, to storage, up to distribution; we develop environmentally friendly products; and offer solutions to help our customers' businesses become eco-friendly.