RTC Couplings GmbH

Who we are

Reliable – Innovative – Passionately

Coupling systems are our passion.

RTC Couplings delivers mono-/multicoupling and docking systems for hydraulics, water, pneumatics and electrics. We offer a complete range of 5.000 different products and applications.

Couplers from RTC are produced on highest safety standards with a wide range of own and compatible profiles to common manufacturers in hydraulics, water, gas and pneumatics areas. Our main customers are experienced manufacturers in machine building, automotive, plastics, paintings and chemical industry.

We have a direct line to our customer, developing new products together with him, analyzing customer satisfaction on a regular base and live a continuous process of improvement.

Right now, we are already exporting 95% of our products to 4 different continents and more than 45 countries all over the world. We are expanding everyday by offering better quality with affordable pricing.

Give us a challenge!

Our values

Since its founding in 2013, RTC Couplings GmbH has become one of the world’s leading coupling manufacturers. Our strength is our ability to develop new technologies and then integrate them into our products to give our customers real competitive advantage.

Our success and knowledge are based on many years of experience, our responsible employees and their commitment to the company.

Our presence around the world