RUKO GmbH Präzisionswerkzeuge

Who we are

Metal processing can be fun: with high-grade tools that impress our customers with their quality.

In order to transform an ordinary material like steel into a precision tool, every stage of production requires the highest quality standards: from the careful selection of raw materials and the innovative development of cutting geometries for a range of applications, through to state-of-the-art production methods and continuous quality controls. With the aim of turning metal into not just a tool, but a precision tool that bears the name of RUKO.

RUKO OHG was founded in November 1974 in Böblingen. It was reorganised into RUKO GmbH Precision Tools in July 1980. At this time it also concentrated its activities on the manufacture of drilling and cutting tools.

Since November 1990 the headquarters of RUKO GmbH have been in Holzgerlingen (near Stuttgart). The modern building has a useful floor space of around 6800 m². Around 1300 m² of this is head office space, 2400 m² is production space and 3100 m² stores.
The 28 fully-automated CNC grinding machines in Holzgerlingen used in production permit maxi-mum precision in the manufacture of drills and cutters.

This means that RUKO currently has one of the most up-to-date production methods in Europe.

The building in Kyjov has a useful floor space of around 3000 m². 1000 m² of this is office space for the head office and 2000 m² is production space.

The 15 CNC grinding machines used in production permit maximum precision in the manufacture of twist drills and thread-cutting tools.

Our values

Over 40 years of „Competence in Precision and Quality“ has made company RUKO one of the world’s leading manufacturers of drilling and countersinking tools. With an export share of 70 % we consider ourselves an European company with an international orientation.

RUKO drilling tools are sold in over 70 countries by 2,300 qualified specialist tool dealers. RUKO GmbH in Holzgerlingen has its own subsidiaries in the USA, France, England, Turkey, Czech Republic, Scandinavia and Austria.

We regard ourselves as a specialist for metal drilling tools. Orientated to the requirements of professional users, RUKO offers an extensive, competent range of products.

The flexible structure of the organisation and production process allows the economic manufacture of industrial scale series as well as special tools and customised products.

Our presence around the world