Ruwac Industriesauger GmbH

Who we are

„We vacuum everything!“

Foundet in 1976, today we are one of the leading manufactures for design and construction of industrial vacuum cleaners and central vacuum systems.
We produce exclusive in Germany.
The high quality standards, that we place on our products – we are certify according DIN EN ISO 9001-2008 – gurantee reliability and a long operational lifetime. And because in the construction of all suction units (suction units) – regardless whether if they are standard or customer-specific - we rely on a proven modular system of tried-and-tested components, the name Ruwac stands for a high degree of profitability – for purchasing of the vacuum cleaners and in daily operations.
Our products are often used in very sensitive areas of the production companies, therefore, the safety is our top priority: All ruwac vacuum cleaners are tested by the relevant German authorities like BIA and TÜV.
Ruwacs special soloutions are designed according to requirements. Depending on the physical conditions, the quantity and quality of the suction medium, the number of suction points and the safety reqirements (for example suction of liquid/fluid, dust-Ex- und Gas-Ex-proof types) the exact planning is carried out. The design of the suction unit (suction unit or industrial vacuum cleaner) and the pipeline system comes from ruwac.

Our values

- Producer of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners that uses GRP-Housings
- Made in Germany
- Owner operated