RWM Casters

Who we are

RWM Casters is proud to be known as the original inventor of Kingpinless Casters, the most emulated casters in the industry today. Our heavy duty Kingpinless Casters are the recognized best solution for demanding industrial caster and wheel applications.

In addition to our Kingpinless caster design, several of our new products have become industry standards by which all others are measured. RWM Casters new product innovations offer major improvements in performance and will maximize value for your company, such as our improvedurethane wheel compounds that withstand the new ergonomic, quality and value issues being demanded for the aerospace caster, automotive caster, tire manufacturing and heavy-duty industrial material handling markets.

For over 75 years, RWM Casters has been committed to providing the highest quality industrial caster wheel and non-powered material handling products, at competitive pricing with the shortest lead times in the industry. In addition to our standard product line, we offer custom casters, wheel design and solutions to meet your specific caster requirements.

Our values

RWM Casters is committed to continuous improvement. We strive to provide material handling products that have zero defects and that increase production efficiency for our customers. We take pride in the quality of our products. RWM manufactured products are built to last the tests of strenuous everyday usage. Therefore, at RWM, we are dedicated to manufacturing the best caster and wheel products in the industry.