Sanwood Environmental Chambers Co., Ltd.

Who we are

GuangDong Sanwood Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales climatic chambers. We enable international manufacturers to validate their products ensuring they are resistant to; temperature, light, humidity, rain, altitude, vibration, dust, corrosion etc. SANWOOD technology has been in this industrial since 1995 and was integrated with Taiwan Science and Technology in 2013.Sanwood annual output value is 58 million (RMB), sales amount: 60 million(RMB) becomming a trustworthy import and export enterprise.

SANWOOD invests 10% of its fixed income for research and development every year, and has achieved certain results,which has been fully recognized by the market. We holds many patents and obtained certifications from many authoritative organization. Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management and we got CE certificated. We export our equipment to more than 50 countries. Customized is our strength as our team consists of several senior experts who have been engaged in the development, manufacture and maintenance of environmental test equipment for many years.

Our customers strive for excellence in many different industries; defence, education, quality inspection, automotive, batteries, opto-electronics, precision electronics, medical, communications and many other advanced technology industries. Sanwood’s product development team works closely with new and existing customers to ensure their ever increasing demands are met.

Our values

Aim to be the world's safety Environmental test chamber!

SANWOOD Technology, and its overseas service providers, now have global sales in more than 50 countries including: Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Austria, Poland, Finland, Czech, Turkey, Israel, United Kingdom, Australia, Qatar, Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, United States, Mexico, Canada and South Korea. With excellent products and customer service we are continuing to expand our customer base. In a highly competitive and rapidly changing market, SANWOOD has become a leading international brand.

SANWOOD Technology - with the experience of selling to demanding customers in over 50 countries Sanwood is now not only a market leader in China but is also on track to become an international market leader.

Our presence around the world