Scarab Sweepers

Who we are

Road sweepers designed and manufactured in the UK

Scarab Sweepers is a global frontrunner in the design, manufacture and supply of compact, sub-compact and truck-mounted road sweepers, our wide range of sweepers are designed to cover all aspects of municipal, urban or heavy duty contracting work and are built to a high standard at our manufacturing headquarters in Marden, Kent, England.

We offer a first class After-Sales Support Service, keeping your vehicle or fleet on the road and in their best condition, we provide a wide range of support including operator and technician training courses along with total care packages to suit individual operators and large fleet customers.


No.1 French independent construction and industry group

4th construction & civil engineering trades group in France

World leader in compacting equipment

French leader in steel construction

Only full-liner in road building equipment

19,000 employees

152 independent subsidiaries

A foothold in 120 countries

Our values

At Scarab we like to innovate and push technology and the sweeping industry forward. Scarab were the pioneers of the environmentally friendly single-engine truck mounted sweeper and continue to dominate the market in this field, we also were the first road sweeper manufacturer to supply all our sweepers with a CANbus control and diagnostics system we are now on the third generation of CANbus systems. We are proud to say we innovate while others copy.

Our After Sales Service is second to none and we constantly strive to keep customers our number one priority, we provide a full range of product support, including operator and technician training as well as contract maintenance packages to keep your vehicles at their best.

We offer a variety of truck mounted road sweepers all are capable of being mounted on a chassis of your choice with a choice of power sources to precisely suit an individual customer’s needs. Having pioneered the use of Hydrostatic Technology and later developing the Unidrive PTO concept, Scarab Sweepers are proud to be the world’s largest manufacturer in the Single Engine field. To complement this success, Scarab have also created an excellent reputation for twin-drive sweepers the M6 and more recently the M65T which has been designed with features to enable it to be easily and rapidly mounted on virtually any internationally available chassis.

Our Compact cleansing range includes the Scarab M25H with its unique ability to combine the small dimensions of a ‘compact sweeper’ and a 4 brush sweeping system whilst still maintaining the power and performance of a truck mount.
Our compact range also includes the Scarab MC210 a 2 front brush mounted sweeper now complete with Euro 6 power plant and numerous revisions that further enhance its exceptional abilities. High amongst these improvements are increased hopper capacity and enhanced functionality, features shared with the Aquazura & Aquadyne; a scrubber-dryer & street-washer, all based around the same unique 4–wheel steer compact chassis, which is both economical and quiet. It is perfectly suited to the rigours of modern urban street cleaning.

Scarab has a reputation for listening and reacting to customer’s needs and possess a willingness to explore and embrace new technology. Scarab was the first company in the world to successfully introduce CANbus control technology across their whole range, further improving reliability by simplifying the operating systems, improving vehicle ergonomics, and reducing maintenance.

Scarab are proud to be the World’s leading manufacturer of environmentally sensitive sweeping vehicles and produce a range of products that not only fulfil customer’s operational needs but give additional environmental benefits and reduce the on-going operational costs of that equipment over its considerable lifespan.

Our presence around the world