Who we are

Seit Elettronica is a leading company in the production of laser machines and induction machines in medium and high frequency. The company is located in Valdobbiadene, in the Treviso province, few kilometers away from Vicenza and Venice.

Started out in a small local environment, the company gained a leading role first in the induction sector, operating in the eyewear, dental, goldsmith and industrial fields and since 2000 in the sector of laser machines for textile and footwear industries.

We are selling all over the world thanks to Our trusted and reliable sales and after sales network: laser machines for marking and cutting, induction machines for soldering and brazing and as well machineries for eyewear production. Since 1979, the company has carried out the whole production cycle inside its headquarter. Thanks to the experience and the creativity of our staff working in the R&D, Electronic, Software and mechanical departments, we are able to express at its best the dedication and the love for Our job.

Our values

Service, Ethics, Innovation and Technology are inside our DNA since day one. All our products are made to provide better quality and the highest safety standard. Enrich the production process of our customers is Our target since more than 38 years.