Who we are

Selmar Technologies is fully directed to quality and customer satisfaction. Always careful to technological progress, the environment and safety, the company realizes this mission through a continuous search for innovative solutions to be developed in systems made on specific requests for the subsequent designation of the series production; in the choice of building components adhering to the highest international standards, in total availability to the customization of pre-configured machines and in the preparation of a fast and highly qualified technical service.

The dedication to quality is a strategic thinking and an operational practice, that characterizes the business processes at any time. The daily propensity toward that goal finds its recognition in the certification of compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 of the Quality Management System, a milestone which Selmar Technologies has reached already since 2000 and has always renewed with commitment and spirit of improvement, passing strict checks and constant controls.

The diligent, historical presence in the most important moments exhibition of the international marine industry and the appreciation from prestigious shipyards, the construction of great capacity plants and their implementation-sometimes in areas well away from the production site-, the collaboration with scientific research institutions and local economic development are an important experience base on which Selmar Technologies continues to design and produce high quality products to meet the expectations of its customers worldwide.

Our values

Dynamic company dedicated to innovation, Selmar Technologies deals with international markets with an established experience and leader personality: designs and produces water treatment systems since 1984, provides specialized consulting services, ensures fast and competent assistance, realizes innovation.
The company vision - to build value for its clients - is realized in design, technological and productive choices that has always aimed at ensuring total quality.

Nowadays Selmar Technologies has a full range of products and services, that meet both the needs of the marine industry and all specific civil, industrial, agricultural and military applications in water treatment, on land and off-shore.
The engineering activity, to which the company dedicates more and more resources, is the heart of a reality that is distinguished in providing solutions to its customers not only a plant, but an unbreakable complex of technology and expertise, before and after the sale.

In that prospect the machines - reverse osmosis desalinators, sewage treatment systems for black and grey water, softeners, sterilizers - are an important part of a value that materializes: a value that assumes greater consistency in a global vision governed by the continuous maximization of the customer satisfaction.

Our presence around the world