Who we are

SERAPID is the creator and manufacturer of the rigid chain (Rigid Chain Technology - RCT), of the amagnetic Rigibelt, quick die change solutions (QDX) and caters to the needs of professionals in ~~757ID12industry in the two following activities:

• the horizontal and vertical transfer of heavy loads;

• quick die changes for presses

In both of these activities the SERAPID rigid chain mechanical jack is a true alternative to traditional mechanical and hydraulic solutions.

The SERAPID compact, telescopic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly solution is based on simple mechanics requiring little maintenance.

These strengths give it an undisputed reliability and durability. Supported by our 45 years of applied experience, we can design bespoke solutions to meet your needs, whether you need to:

• push / pull, raise or move a load;

• clamp, roll or transport a die.

Our teams are attentive to all your projects so that they can propose the most suitable and effective solutions.

Our values


Client satisfaction is the top priority for all our employees. We are attentive to needs and strive to build a trusting relationship by providing quality service and made-to-measure project follow-up.


Our technical and applied expertise acquired over 40 years of experience are used to develop ever higher performance and increasingly safer solutions. Our professionalism and commitment are acknowledged through the projects we are awarded.


Our capacity to innovate and our entrepreneurial spirit are essential to perfect and permanently improve our products and solutions. Innovation thus allows us to provide creative answers to the most audacious projects.


Loving what you do is essential. Passion drives dynamism, it is communicative and is shared. It also makes it possible to push limits further at all levels of the business, changing ideas into reality.


Our employees cultivate what we call the "can do", the "yes, it's possible". Beyond know-how and professionalism, project management must be undertaken with human qualities, where respect, humility, attentiveness and tenacity are the keys to a successful mission.


Because a team is always more effective than a collection of individuals, teamwork allows us to imagine and design the best solutions. We nurture team spirit, solidarity and the sharing of ideas and know-how.

The dedication and professionalism of the Serapid team, both in the UK and France, will bring solid technical expertise to resolve what may seem the most impossible of undertakings.

Our presence around the world