Sesotec GmbH

Who we are

Sesotec is one of the leading specialists in contaminant detection and materials sorting. Since 1976, we have been engineering and building high-tech systems for a wide range of needs – in close cooperation with our customers all over the world. 
Sesotec is headquartered in Germany, but has a global footprint, which includes a total of seven subsidiaries in Singapore, China, the US, Italy, India, Canada and Thailand, as well as more than 60 partners in all key markets around the world.

Sesotec in figures
- 75 Tsd. systems installed
- 65 million euros in sales
- 570 employees
- 60 countires with salespartners

Our objectives
Increasing value added. We help our customers to manufacture their products in the highest quality and with the best-possible output.

Maximising product purity. Our systems provide protection in a number of ways: They protect consumers against harm to their health. They save customers from a tarnished reputation and damage to machinery. They help protect the environment against waste and pollution.

Hallmarks of our approach to production

Flexibility. Your wish is our command: The design of our manufacturing set-up enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ wishes. Four out of five systems that leave our plant are either modified to meet specific requests or have been specially engineered.

Expertise. We manufacture our systems’ core electronic and mechanical components ourselves. Our greatest asset is the know-how, experience and commitment of our employees, who we continuously groom through occupational training and professional development.

Efficiency. In order to minimise costs and the use of resources, we never stop optimising our processes. This includes purchasing certain components from partner companies that combine superb quality with cost-efficient production. We have built up our well-functioning supplier network over many years. It enables us to expertly handle peak order periods and ensure short delivery times.

What we offer
40 years of experience and reliability
Personal aftersales support
Service hotline
Professional advice on applications for our machines and systems
Product testing at test centres ensures confidence in your purchase decision
Training academy for transferring knowledge in line with specific target groups
Long-term supply reliability for spare parts
Maintenance contracts for maximum machine uptime

What our products stand for
Maximum detection precision
Easy handling
Maximum functional and performance reliability
Easy cleaning and maintenance
Quality workmanship for maximum safety and functionality
Durability (investment reliability)
Swift amortisation, because downtimes, repair costs and rejects are avoided
Engineered and made in Germany

Our values

Precision, intelligence and customer focus: these three guiding principles govern the quality of the services we provide, and are key to the trust we have built up with our customers over the years. Our commitment is guaranteed for the long-term. Sesotec is an independent organisation, first established in Germany in 1976; our principle facility for design, development and manufacture, and our commercial headquarters remain there. This offers a level of consistency which continues through to our subsidiaries and encompasses all our after-sales activities.